Justinian Law Bureau of Moscow was founded in 2009. Our staff structure has been one and the same for more than 6 years. We deal with business owners, capital and regional companies, foreign firms operating in Russia, individuals.

About the company name

Code of Laws of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, or the Corpus Juris Civilis («Body of Civil Law»), was published in 529-534 by his order and had a decisive influence on the formation of the Western European law and state structure.

We named the law bureau after the name of the emperor, who was one of the first to start the official codification of the Roman law, because we wanted to note the particular importance of the role of a lawyer and a solicitor.

Like our predecessors two thousand years ago, we continue to seek to resolve conflicts peacefully and legally.

Our principles are:

  • Respect for the client

We respect our clients and understand that they find themselves in an embarrassing situation that often seems hopeless to them.

  • Mutual trust

We build an open communication with our clients and ask them to be honest with us. The more truth, the stronger defense.

  • Professionalism

We solve your problems based on proved scenarios with minimal risk and undertake only those cases in which we can apply gained knowledge and experience.

  • Diplomacy

The basis of the success of our negotiations with the conflicting party is diplomacy — the ability to come to a compromise, defending the interests of the client.