To foreign companies

Assessment of the partners’ good faith

You are our client if:

  • you want to find a reliable partner in Russia;
  • you are interested to work with a company with serious business reputation;
  • it is important o you that the counterparty fulfills its obligations.

What we do for you:

  • Carry out inspections of the counterparty’s debt history and verify its reliability.
  • Provide data on the company’s history in the market, its financial position and the real owners.
  • Check the correct execution of all documents on cooperation.

Support of transactions on purchase and sale of businesses

You are our client if:

  • you are going to buy a business in Russia, without having accurate information about its success;
  • you want to get a guarantee that you buy a company that is not on the verge of bankruptcy;
  • you need additional sources of information about the history of the company in the Russian market.

What we do for you

  • Study the history of the company in the market and analyze its activities.
  • Accompany you during all phases of transactions, making sure that all documents have been prepared in accordance with the Russian law.
  • Provide advice on all matters of buying business in Russia.

Real estate services

You are our client if:

  • you would like to open a branch in Moscow and other major cities;
  • you’ve heard that there are a lot of illegal real estate transactions and wish to avoid the risk of becoming a victim of fraud;
  • your company is planning to expand in the regions.

What we do for you:

  • Detailed advice on the purchase of office premises, as we thoroughly know the procedure of registration of documents for registration of real estate for legal entities in Russia.
  • Thoroughly analyze the history of ownership of the premises.
  • Help to gather and prepare all necessary documents for the transaction and register the property in the state bodies of Russia.

Legal services for a company

You are our client if you:

  • don’t want to have an entire legal department due to excessive costs;
  • need professional advice and competent specialists on various issues of the Russian law;
  • are interested in legal professionals with the status of a lawyer and obliged by law to comply with confidentiality provisions.

What we do for you:

  • Offer a variety of legal services from drafting template contracts to providing legal protection during inspections of Administration of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Enforcement.
  • Your issues are dealt with by a specialist who has proper experience and knowledge in this particular field of law.
  • Our lawyers comply with the provisions on confidentiality, unlike ordinary lawyers who are not vested with such responsibility and cannot guarantee the confidentiality of your data from inspectors and others; in addition, the lawyers have no right to provide legal assistance in the investigation of a criminal case.