Justinian Law Office of Moscow provides complete confidentiality of the information received from our clients.

Certificate of Registration of the Bureau issued by the Ministry of Justice, means that we comply with all the provisions of the Law on Advocacy and Legal Profession in the Russian Federation*.

A lawyer cannot be questioned and called as a witness.

A lawyer cannot undergo a search without a court decision, as well as to have his papers being part of the proceedings of his client be withdrawn.

The client privilege applies to the confidentiality of any information communicated by the client who applied for legal aid.

You can be sure that the data with regard to your case will be kept confidential.

In whatever difficult situation you may find yourself, we take you under reliable protection.

*Reference to article of Federal Law of the Russian Federation «On Advocacy and Legal Profession in the Russian Federation» dated 31.05.2002 No. 63-FZ (rev. 02.07.2013).