How to collect information on the accounts of the debtor.

Debt collection from the debtor through the bailiff may take a long time. However, the claimant may file # ispolnitelnyy_list not only to the bailiffs, but also directly to the bank where the debtor companies account is opened. At the same time # bank is obliged to fulfill the requirements in the writ, and within three days inform the claimant.
To choose which bank (or banks) to present the writ of execution should have a list of the debtor’s accounts.
The Federal Law “On Enforcement Proceedings” from 02.10.2007 № 229-FZ (hereinafter – the Law № 229-FZ) found that the claimant may receive a tax authority information about the debtor’s account (8-10 h v. 69). . On the basis of hours. 10 Art. 69 Law № 229-FZ # nalogovyy_organ provides such information within seven days.
Statement of information about the debtor’s account most effectively directed to the tax office on the basis of which is the debtor company. The request must include a copy of the writ of execution, a certified representative of the creditor or the notary better. In a statement, it is advisable to indicate that the answer is in the first place, it is necessary to send by fax or e-mail and then by post to the address of the claimant.