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Justinian Law Bureau of Moscow provides legal services to business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, regional and foreign companies.

You can contact us with any legal issue.

With an extensive long-term practice, we guarantee that you will obtain:

  • reliable protection, including during inspections and in the event of a criminal case,
  • amicable agreement with the opponent, or the debtor, advantageous for you,
  • representation of your interests in court and control of execution of the judgment,
  • complete or partial legal service for your organization,
  • verification of your contractor, partner and your employees,
  • expert legal audit of your company.



Maintain complete

How we work

We listen to you carefully, take in the situation. The lawyer observes the client privilege: all information you provide is confidential and cannot be transferred to third parties, even if these third parties are a tax inspector or a police officer.

As soon as you provide details of the problem, we will offer you options to solve it and together with you will choose the best one.

If you are in the area of ​​"hot" conflicts, for example, searches are made in the office, we can quickly visit the area and assist in the negotiations with the authorities.

We win cases because our customers trust us.


Trust is the key to the strength of your protection and success of our work!

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We are trusted

Trust - the key to your protection strength and success of our work !

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